Fencing in Sussex County DE
We are a fully licensed fencing contractor and offer product lines from the market’s leading companies. Backyard Works Inc. fence professionals puts up security fencing and boundary fences for businesses and residents in the Sussex County area. Annually, we complete numerous feet of fencing projects and with each and every job, we emphasize quality and consumer total satisfaction. We work with staff members that have many years of practical experience in the fence installing market and ensure our team is certified to finish an exceptional project for you. If your fence is in bad condition, we also provide fence repair work in Sussex County. We provide a wide range of services, including layout and setup of vinyl, metal and wood fencing and related products, including privacy fences, arbors/ pergolas and gates. Wood fences are attractive, natural, and bring in style to nearly any home. Backyard Works fencing supplies a wide array of styles to pick among. Dress up your front landscape with a split cedar fence. Keep your livestock consisted of with a 3 rail wood fence. Accent your property with a privacy fence. We utilize top quality cedar and fir. Labor and installation costs specifically correlate with the complexity of the fence design, the slope of the site, the evenness of the ground and the presence of trees or other materials to remove before building and construction. Easy access to the location for material delivery really helps decrease labor expenses while rocky ground or soil that is hard to dig post holes increases prices.

Sussex County’s Privacy Fence Pros

Wood privacy fences are our specialty, and all of our wood fences are custom stick built (meaning no pre-built panels). Building our fences in this manner enables the use of full-size customized materials, not the cheap thin-walled material found in the majority of pre-built panels. When constructing a backyard privacy fence, Wood is the most flexible of materials. Woods that are resistant to the elements– like western red cedar– are consistently the very best alternative. Staining and sealing your wood fence improves both the look and the longevity of your fence. We offer all the supplies you need to really help you build a quality fence when it comes to fences in Delaware. Whether it is for privacy or ornamental, our top quality materials will provide you with a fence that will last for decades. Cedar, the king of backyard privacy fencing, is known for its lasting good looks– tight grain, less knots, and a desirable red color– and its promise never ever to warp or diminish. While cedar likewise naturally withstands decay and insects, this wood is not as impervious to soil as treated wood and will likely rot after a number of years set in it. It’s advised to set up in a concrete base or secure to fence posts that are pre-treated wood if you choose to construct a fence from cedar. Nevertheless, the installation process is diy-friendly, and you can modify the wood planks to produce a range of styles, including things like saddleback and lattice-topped.

Metal Fences

While the charm of an ornamental iron fence is one aspect, the other is the security that it can add to your residence. There are not many fences that will provide you the safe and secure feeling that a decorative iron fence will. They are very tough to navigate your way over and with the challenging tops; safety ends up being an issue for any would be trespasser. Metal posts could be more durable and offer greater support for a wooden fence, making the posts somewhat more costly. These posts are not likely to rot and can hold up against strong winds and secure the fence from damage even in heavy storms. Termites are likewise no match for metal fence posts. Plus, metal posts last for a long time, specifically when made from galvanized steel 13 and hidden with timber coverings for an appealing exterior. The average cost for metal posts on a wooden fence is $10 to $60.

Chain Link Fencing – A Safe and Cost-Effective Option

Backyard Works Fencing has you covered if you’re looking for a chain-link fence for your property, business, sports complex, or anything in between. Call or visit us in Harbeson and Millsboro to speak with an one of our fencing experts about chain-link fence installation! Do you require fencing experts assistance? Set up an appointment with our fencing experts to answer all your questions!

Colored coated vinyl chain link fences provide the strength and durability of galvanized chain link while fitting with the surroundings, making your landscape more prominent than privacy fences made of wood.

The fence’s vinyl coating seals the steel wire and protects it from exposure to the elements. The vinyl coating is applied to galvanized chain-link fencing, which protects the fence wire from fading and rusting with time. The vinyl coating that is applied on the fence galvanized extends fencing’s life beyond galvanized chain-link by itself, and the vinyl color blends more seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, particularly the landscaping and grass, as opposed to galvanized chain-link fencing on its own. Due to the muted hue the fence appears less, while your property will stand out more. Backyard Works offers a variety of vinyl-coated chain link fencing options. For more information or a free estimate, contact us at 302-703-9888.

With a plethora of chain link fence, it is possible to are able to add security without blocking the view! One of the main benefits of chain link fencing is the ability to observe directly through the fence which allows you to be vigilant about your pets, children or even your own property. An affordable alternative in comparison to Iron Fencing – Chain link fencing is popular among business and families. It is an excellent choice for tennis courts as well as fencing around swimming pools. Chain-link fences need little maintenance and last for a long time, and look great.

A chain-link fence can be a great option for a temporary or permanent fencing solution. This type of fencing can be found in a range of materials, sizes, and designs.

Installation of chain-link fencing is quick and simple. There are numerous heights, colors, coatings, and gauges to choose from. Chain link fencing can add an air of security to your property. Industrial fencing options are available to protect your business or workplace. Cleaning is simple – simply spray the chain link fencing with water! Chain-link fences make a fantastic option for baseball fields and tennis courts.

Picket Fences

A home with a white picket fence is the ultimate symbol of attaining the American dream. Today’s picket fences go beyond the traditional white and are available in a range of designs– from straight and scalloped to pointed and square pickets. An American classic, picket fencing welcomes the neighbors while setting your borders and greatly enhancing your residential or commercial property. Our picket fences are light and budget-friendly but strong, thanks to mortised connections and long lasting white cedar boards. Offered scalloped or straight, preassembled sections are 8′ long by 3′– 4′ high (other measurements available upon request). We also stock specific parts for repair work or do it yourself installation: pickets, nails, backing rails, posts. All our cedar material is “natural” in color, we do not presently provide painting or staining services.

Wood Fencing

Both wood and vinyl have a variety of options for design, which in turn can affect your general expense for both product and installation. Pressure-treated pine is the most frequently used material for fencing, but it doesn’t last as long as some other, more durable woods. For this reason, many individuals opt to have their fence made from cedar, tropical hardwoods, or black locust. Expenses for wood fences start around $3 to $6 per linear foot for a split rail fence made of pine and increase to $9 to $18 a linear foot for a privacy fence made from tropical woods. This typically includes the expense of installation, however a difficult set up might increase the expenses by $25 to $50 an hour. So a normal 6-foot privacy fence will cost around $6,500 to $10,000 for 209 yards of fencing. We strongly suggest staining your new wood fence after installation to safeguard the wood and get the maximum life possible from it.



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About Ellendale, Delaware


Ellendale was founded in the early 19th century and surveyed in 1866-1867. Ellendale was first settled near the Morris Tavern Crossroads, near the current Old State Road and Main Street intersection, by a handful of families. Ellendale’s current site was established in 1866 when the families moved east to settle around the Junction and Breakwater Railroad Depot. On July 16, 1873 the Ellendale Methodist Episcopal Church purchased land to erect a church, parsonage, and school. Ellendale’s economy rapidly advanced as the RJ Clendaniel Sawmill, the Jester & Reed Canning Company, a brick yard, several peach evaporating and canning companies, basket factory, the Phillip J Ritter Ketchup Company, Ellendale Excelsior Company, and button factory opened in the town. The railroad was purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1905 and that same year the town was formally incorporated. In February 1895, the Queen Anne’s Railroad was authorized by the Delaware legislature to extend its rail lines across the state to Lewes. The goal of the company was to establish a direct link between Baltimore and Delaware’s coastal resorts. This additional rail line passed through Ellendale and provided passenger, freight, and mail services as far west as Queenstown, Maryland (with links to Baltimore via steamship) and east to Rehoboth Beach (with links to Cape May, New Jersey via steamship) with the first passenger trains passing through in 1897. A post office was erected at the site of what is now the Town Hall.

Today, Ellendale is a small Delaware town that, according to the 2010 census, consists of a population of 381 people.