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Vinyl Fence - Delaware
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DelawareVinyl Fencing

The popularity of vinyl makes perfect sense! Not only is vinyl fencing attractive and low-maintenance, but it is also incredibly durable and eco-friendly, making it an excellent Delaware fence choice.

Durable and virtually maintenance-free, vinyl fences are a fantastic solution for property owners across Delaware. Vinyl fences are truly unique in the benefits they provide; no other type of fencing can meet the standards of incredible sturdiness and longevity that vinyl fencing offers while simultaneously boasting such a wide array of styles and colors.

Our customers in the Delaware area are most commonly interested in white, full-privacy vinyl fencing. However, we offer a wide variety of vinyl fence styles and colors, from decorative to full-privacy and everywhere in between. When you identify your ideal vinyl fence style, you can also customize the color to suit your home or business. Whatever your style, whatever your need, eco-friendly, maintenance-free vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for Delaware residential and commercial property owners.

Vinyl fence manufacturer in Delaware

Vinyl Fence Manufacturing

We manufacture top of the line vinyl fencing in-house!

Backyard Works is proud to offer the many benefits that come along with our in-house vinyl fence manufacturing directly to our customers. Since we fabricate the vinyl fence that you order from us, we can deliver the best pricing, the highest quality, and an array of customized styles. You also have the advantage of not worrying about delays from the manufacturer, because you can trust us to deliver on time. Whether you are purchasing the top of the line vinyl fencing we manufacture to install yourself or hiring us to do the job for you, we ensure that our own brand of locally made vinyl fence will exceed your expectations.

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Vinyl Fencing Key Features

At Backyard Works, we pride ourselves on providing nothing but the highest quality service. Our level of craftsmanship is never compromised. Our reputation depends on it and we're proud to put our name on every fence we build. Your vinyl fencing project can be as unique as your home and should add functionality, security, and curb appeal. Hover over these vinyl fence features to learn about some of the Features available for your vinyl fence project.

Our professional-grade vinyl fences are engineered to withstand the Delaware climate and weather. When properly installed by our expert fence team, our vinyl fence posts will stand strong and last for years. Quality matters! Our vinyl fences are built and expertly installed to look great and to stand the test of time! It all starts with a strong fence post!

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Delaware.

Our professional-grade vinyl rails are what separates us from many of our competitors. Our rails are of a higher grade than other options we see across the Delaware region. This is an important difference, because the weakest part of a lower-quality vinyl fence is found in the horizontal rails!

People sitting on the top of the fence, climbing the fence, leaning heavy objects against the fence, or branches falling onto the top of the fence can all easily damage a low-quality vinyl fence rail! Not ours. Our vinyl fences are built to last and a key reason our vinyl fences last so long and look like new - is because of the higher quality vinyl fencing we install for our residential and our commercial clients.

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch-resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Delaware.

Just like our posts and our rails, we install high-quality vinyl fence pickets. The thicker vinyl walls cost a little more, however vinyl fences across Delaware take a lot of abuse and our high-quality pickets are proven to be up to the task! For vinyl fences that last for years and look great, high-quality vinyl pickets are a must!

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch-resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Delaware.

key features of Vinyl fencing in Delaware

Vinyl Fence Key Benefits

Vinyl fencing is a great choice. Here are some of the main reasons.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Delaware properties.

Being one of the best options for residences and businesses across the state, vinyl fencing is a very cost-effective option when you take its versatility and long life span into consideration. Without the need for costly repairs, vinyl fencing is not the cheapest upfront option in fence materials, but it will outlast other types that are less expensive at the start.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Delaware properties.

Vinyl fencing across Delaware is low-maintenance and doesn't require heavy-duty cleaning. When it does need cleaning, it can simply be hosed down with water or gently washed with dish soap and water. Vinyl fencing will last for many years, doesn't fade, and will not break under normal use.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Delaware properties.

Vinyl fencing is one of the best ways to achieve privacy for your Delaware yard. Solid panels of varying heights can be installed around your property, creating full privacy from the street view and your neighbors. It also acts as a sound barrier, creating an even more private space for your family.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Delaware properties.

Next to wood, vinyl fencing is an incredibly versatile material of fencing in Delaware. It can be customized in height, picket spacing, panel width, color and texture. With all of these and other features, vinyl fencing can match your style and design better than most other fences.

Vinyl Fencing Common Applications

Vinyl fencing can be used across all kinds of properties for a wide range of reasons in the Delaware area.

Residential Vinyl Fence - Delaware

VinylResidential Fencing

Residences can benefit from vinyl fencing in a variety of applications for front yards, back yards, pools, pets or privacy. Vinyl fences are known for their low-maintenance and durable features and are resistant to rot and pests, too. For a stylish enhancement to boost security at your home, check out our vinyl fences.

Commercial Vinyl Fence - Delaware

VinylCommercial Fencing

Whenever a business needs to boost security or curb appeal, vinyl fences can do the job. Protect what matters most to your business and customers by adding a tall vinyl privacy fence or creating a welcoming entry with an open picket vinyl fence.

Vinyl Fencing Common Uses

With a long list of reasons to choose vinyl fencing, there are some favorites that stand out with those in the Delaware area.

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Vinyl Pool Fencing in Delaware

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Not all fencing can be made private, but vinyl fencing has wonderful styles that work perfectly. Create your private space with 6' solid panel vinyl fencing in the style and color you prefer. Vinyl privacy fences work great as a noise barrier, too.

Vinyl Pet Fencing in Delaware

Vinyl Pool Fence

Every pool needs a good fence for safety. Why not use vinyl fencing? There are multiple styles that meet your local pool code requirements. An added advantage of vinyl fencing for pools is its water resistance, which will keep it from rotting over time with all of the moisture and splashing that can occur.

Vinyl Decorative Fencing in Delaware

Vinyl Decorative Fence

When the appearance of your yard or business needs a little improvement, vinyl fencing is a popular option. It's hard to beat the long-lasting, low-maintenance features of vinyl to give your space the look you'll love.

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When it comes to an outdoor living design and installation project, we have simplified the process and created an easy 3-step system. Our team at Backyard Works in Delaware has provided a wide selection of outdoor living construction services and provided our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Speak to our team to get started on your fence, deck, or sunroom project today!

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Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property

Planning and Receiving an Estimate

All of our fence, deck, and outdoor living design and build projects start with an initial consultation with our experts. At Backyard Works, we are a full-service fence, deck, and outdoor structure building company in the Delaware area, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style

Preparation for Success

After you are signed on and ready to go, our team goes through a long checklist of steps and procedures to ensure your project needs are documented in detail, we verify all selections and finalize your design for your approval. We will handle county permitting, marking utility lines, project management, and planning our start date.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

Construction and Installation

It's time to begin your fence, deck, or sunroom project! First, our team is mobilized and your project materials are delivered. Our team works hard to make your fence, deck, or building project dreams a reality by combining excellent materials with amazing craftsmanship. We then ensure that the construction has passed inspections and complete any punch list Items.

Vinyl Fence Warranty Information

Backyard Works is proud to provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all vinyl fences that we build for our clients, and vinyl fences may be covered by an additional lifetime manufacturer warranty, depending on the style and material you choose.

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Delaware Vinyl Fence Warranty Information

Yes! We are a leading vinyl fencing contractor across the entire Delaware area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for installing vinyl fences, ensuring your fence is installed properly, will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of the Delaware area.

Vinyl fencing is a popular option for homes and businesses in the Delaware region. Vinyl fences are strong enough to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of Delaware.

Vinyl fencing requires nearly zero maintenance. If a maintenance-free, clean, and modern-looking fence is what you want, look no further than vinyl fencing.

Vinyl lasts a long time, so you don't have to generate or consume as many new resources to replace it, and it can be recycled after you're done with it. There's no need to paint it or treat it with other chemicals. Vinyl fencing is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the plastic most often used to make a vinyl fence, ranks third among the world's most manufactured synthetic plastics. Beautiful fences in a number of designs may be made from it, but it also has many other applications in the building industry, including in windows, pipelines, and other items.

Vinyl fencing is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available.

Vinyl lasts a long time, so you don't have to generate or consume as many new resources to replace it, and it can be recycled after you're done with it. Recycled vinyl fencing is often used in the next generation of new vinyl fences, making it a great option for those who are environmentally aware!

Another huge benefit to your immediate environment and to the health of your family and pets is that vinyl fencing does not require harsh cleaners or paint, or sealers, all of which may contain harsh or even toxic chemicals.

PVC, the material used to make vinyl fences, is nonporous. Therefore, it does not readily accept paint. When it comes to fences, many Delaware residents select vinyl specifically because it never needs painting, staining, or sealing. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences retain their original color and shine for the duration of their life span.

So, while vinyl fences can't be painted, there are a number of different colors and styles available to customize your fence to match your home and your personal style preferences.

Vinyl fences are an excellent choice for property owners looking for privacy. By far, the most popular privacy fence across the Delaware area is the standard 6-ft white vinyl privacy fence. However, there are many other options! Taller fences give even more privacy. You can also choose semi-privacy options that obscure most of the view into your yard but also have decorative design features and come in many popular color choices.

Prices on vinyl fences are highly dependent on the amount of fencing you need as well as the exact style, height, and options you select.

We provide vinyl fencing quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or call us and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.


We encourage you to speak with one of our fence experts before focusing solely on price! There are cheaper, very poor quality vinyl fence brands available that are not nearly as durable, will fade, and will often warp. We don't use them. There are also very inexperienced and unprofessional fence installers who continually cut corners and don't stand behind their work, regardless of what their so-called warranty says.

Vinyl fences must stand up to the physical demands of Delaware weather and physical abuse from falling branches, landscapers, neighbors, animals, and more.

Shopping for the cheapest fence is usually not the best way to make a decision about the fence you want to protect and beautify your property.

Vinyl fences require very little maintenance. Vinyl doesn't rust and doesn't splinter. An occasional mild rinse with a water hose, a gentle, non-abrasive home cleaner, and a sponge should be sufficient. Apart from that, you should not need to do anything except enjoy your beautiful vinyl fence!

Yes, they do!

Vinyl fences can come with a warranty based on your specific product details and manufacturer restrictions. Most importantly, we offer a 3-year workmanship warranty for every fence we install!

We take pride in our work and our craftsmanship! That's why we are committed to solving any issues that arise after installing a vinyl fence. We earn our outstanding reputation in the Delaware area - one happy customer at a time.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your fence installation date is to call our team of friendly fence consultants!

Once you approve the estimate, we can often install vinyl fences in most of Delaware within 3 to 6 weeks, but please check with our office for your specific project. There are times throughout the year where that timeframe may be less or more.

Additionally, there are other things that can delay the start of a fencing project. If you select a specific vinyl fence style, color, or options that need to be specially ordered, that will often delay the installation of your fence. We will help you to identify, in advance, any of your choices that are known to be likely to cause these additional delays, and we will offer alternatives whenever possible.

Vinyl fencing is unique in its ability to be utilized for such a wide array of applications. Listed below are some of the most popular applications of vinyl fencing:

  • Decorative Vinyl Fencing
    There are many decorative styles of vinyl fencing, perfect for showcase areas of a property or to set-off a section of your yard.
  • Vinyl Pool Fencing
    One of the most common uses of vinyl fencing in the Delaware area is to protect and beautify a pool area. Non-corrosive and private, vinyl fencing is a great choice for residential pools and commercial pools alike.
  • Vinyl Perimeter Fencing
    Vinyl fencing is unique in the outstanding privacy it offers while also being maintenance-free. Popular across Delaware, 6-foot white vinyl fencing is a fantastic fence option.

Vinyl Fencing Examples

Vinyl Privacy Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
Vinyl Privacy Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
Vinyl Privacy Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
Vinyl Privacy Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
Vinyl Privacy Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
Vinyl Picket Fence in Harbeson, Delaware
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