Fencing – Value, Security and Safety

As a community fence company in Sussex county, we realize the problems and favored choices when it relates to fencing in this area. As a house owner you have original needs which depend on your individual circumstances. We will definitely meet with you to provide you a customized quote determined by precisely what you prefer. Your finances, how you use your backyard, whether you have family pets, and how much protection you really want and require will all influence the kind of fencing you choose for your yard or property. We can build many types of residential and commercial fences, including personalized fencing projects, which includes several kinds of wooden fencing, 3 rail ranch fences, semi-private fencing, or privacy fencing for more privacy, picket fences including wooden or vinyl, fences around your pool area, and more.

Backyard Works Inc. has always stuck to a simple philosophy: “provide the best quality, service, and product to each and every customer.” Preparing your fencing project for your yard? When you choose us as your local fencing company, we’ll do our utmost to go above your expectations with our top notch work and service. Top quality work and trustworthy, reliable service are what you receive when you go with us as your fence company.

Vinyl Fences – Great Look and Great Value

For Sussex County home owners and companies, vinyl fencing installed by the experienced Backyard Works Inc. fencing crew can possibly be a intelligent, long-term investment decision. Vinyl fencing has been around for in excess of 70 years, but its durability and reasonable cost have caused it to be much more popular in recent years. And as you can see from our gallery, there are lots of vinyl fence styles to choose from for your residential property. You may also add intricate lattice work or a custom top with a special geometrical style to the top of your fence, or for added height and an intriguing concept, you can also adorn it with intricately laid lattice work. So, you ought to have no problem discovering vinyl fencing that perfectly complements and enhances your residential or commercial exteriors in Sussex county.

Chain Link Fences – Safety and Affordability

Backyard Works Fencing has you covered if you’re looking for a chain-link fence for your business, home and sports facilities or any other. Call or visit us in Harbeson or Millsboro to talk with any of our fence specialists about chain-link fence installation! Do you require fencing experts assistance? Please make an appointment with our fencing experts who will answer all your concerns!

Colored coated vinyl chain link fences give you the durability and affordability of galvanized chain-link , while also blending in with the environment and making your garden more prominent than privacy fences made of wood.

Its coating of vinyl protects the steel wire, and protects it from exposure to the elements. The vinyl coating is applied to galvanized chain-link fencing, which protects the fence wire from fade and rusting with time. The vinyl coating applied on the fence galvanized prolongs the fence’s life beyond the galvanized chain-link alone and the colour blends in better with the surroundings, especially the landscaping and grass, as opposed to galvanized chain-link fencing on its own. Because of the muted color the fence appears less, and your property is more prominent. Backyard Works offers a variety of vinyl-coated chain link fencing alternatives. For more information or a free estimate, call 302-703-9888.

With a versatile chain-link fence you can increase security and not block the view! One of the primary advantages that chain-link fencing offers is its ability to view directly through the links which allows you to keep an eye on your children, pets, or property. An affordable alternative to Iron Fencing – Chain link fencing is popular with households and companies. It’s an ideal choice for tennis courts as well as swimming pool security. Chain-link fences are easy to maintain and last for a long time and appear great.

A chain-link fence is a good choice whether you need an interim or permanent fencing option. This type of fencing is available in a variety of sizes, materials and styles.

Installation of chain-link fencing is simple and quick. There are many different heights as well as colors, coatings and gauges to choose from. Chain link fencing provides a sense of security to your home. Industrial options are readily available to secure your home or workplace. Cleaning up is easy – just spray the fencing with water! Chain-link fences make a fantastic option for baseball fields and tennis courts.

Aluminum Ornamental Fence

Aluminum fencing’s amount of resistance to rust makes it an exceptional enhancement to pool locations as a safety fence. An aluminum fence is similarly as reliable as a safety fence, keeping folks out, but also keeping kids and pet dogs within the fenced location. Due to the fact that aluminum fences come in a variety of designs, they can likewise be used for creative or ornamental purposes. However, as a result of the considerable amount of gap between the pickets, aluminum fences are not designed for being utilized for privacy fencing. Six different aluminum fences are offered by Backyard Works Inc. to give your house the specific appearance that you really want.

Fences made from aluminum are extensively utilized for a variety of purposes. When it comes to aluminum fencing, we have a wide range of different styles available for purchase. We have a range of choices, but in our perspective, aluminum fencing gives the greatest long-term market value. The very best detail is that ornate black metal (aluminum) fencing will not require maintenance and has the appearance and resembles standard wrought iron, but not the weight or expense. Aluminum fencing is a great deal lighter weight than steel or iron fencing. All these features incorporated make aluminum the optimal material for a perfect fence for particular residential or commercial property requirements.

Come see many of our metal fencing styles in person by checking out our showroom without delay! Our fencing experts have many years of experience making decorative aluminum metal fences and gates. These stylish fences not only look awesome, but are strong and well-built providing safety and security without losing aesthetic attractiveness. We sell premium metal fence components that will make certain you take pleasure in your fence for many years in the future!

Wood Fences – Looks Traditional and Classic

Many home owners can afford wood privacy fences. Wood continues to be a popular preference for fencing because it suits a number of architectural styles and building materials. Wooden fences are traditional and will consistently give a classic look to your yard concepts. Installing a wooden fence is usually less expensive than putting up a vinyl fence. Because you can paint or stain wood in any shade you wish, this building material gives you a broader variety of color possibilities than fences made from vinyl. Cedar is the most popular lumber type utilized for wood fences. With a new wood fence, you can more effectively define your property line, secure your home and yard, and boost your curb appeal.

Wood fence installation expenses will certainly differ based on the kind of wood you select, the height and style of wood fence you prefer, and the condition of your residential property. Pressure-treated pine is a usual and eye-catching option that is commonly resistant to rot and bug infestation. Cedar is an added economical choice that can possibly be more cost-effective than redwood or teak, but a bit more costly than pine. To ensure the lasting health and appeal of a wooden fence, think about potential staining and painting expenses when determining fence building prices.

Privacy Fences – Makes for Good Neighbors

You have the right to privacy– particularly in your favorite room: your backyard. Our privacy fencing will ensure your back yard will be your sanctuary. Backyard Works Inc.has seven different designs of privacy fencing for you to opt for. Privacy fences look fantastic around the edges of backyards, decks, and pools, and they provide a private location for your family and household pets to enjoy your backyard.Privacy fences add charm to the sides of yards, decks, and pools while providing a private area for your loved ones and household pets to delight in. Privacy fences are also available with a lattice top, that gives them a little bit of added design allure and also permits some area to talk with the neighbors. Our vinyl privacy fencing features glidelock technology, which protects your fence against strong winds. It also reinforces the fencing against other trespassers, such as animals you might not want to have in your yard. Do you want to put up a fence around your home? Privacy fencing will provide your home a distinctive look while at the same time still providing a more private barrier.

We feature a large variety of custom-made fencing solutions to fit your particular needs. Our privacy fences are beautiful and tough, while at the same time letting much less light and viewing through them. We likewise offer gorgeous picket fencing that can give you just enough protection to your garden and help to protect your animals. Fence around your pool to help keep youngsters, pets, and visitors away from your pool and to help keep liability possibilities low. We additionally provide personalized fencing alternatives to fulfill every one of your distinct requirements.

When you do not desire to completely obstruct your next-door neighbors’ view, a semi-private fence can be a really good alternative. Backyard Works offers four distinct semi-privacy fence styles that provide privacy, add value, and increase the aesthetics of your residence.




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Greenwood DE Town Hall

About Greenwood, Delaware


The Northwest Fork Hundred was settled in colonial times as a prime farming district. Small villages characterized the area. The largest community in the district, Bridgeville, was located south of Greenwood. The original village was St. Johnstown, located less than 1 mile east of from the current Town of Greenwood. In 1858, the Delaware Railroad was completed through Northwest Fork Hundred and the Greenwood station and town were laid out on lands owned by Simeon Pennewell. Pennewell’s original plan included the east-west Market Street, and to the north, Minor Street, as well as the cross streets of Beaver, Church and Maple. Maple was later renamed Broad Street. The 1868 Atlas of Delaware shows Greenwood organized around the railroad with a train depot, general store, hotel and residences within a few blocks of the track. Pennewell’s son, Simeon Selby Pennewell, was born near Greenwood in 1867 and served as the 55th Governor of Delaware, from 1909 to 1913. Historical sources list 1858 as the founding date for Greenwood. The Town’s Charter was first enacted in 1901 and the Town was reincorporated in 1987. With the attraction of the railroad station, the Town of Greenwood rapidly became a market town and business center, while the original settlement of St. Johnstown declined and disappeared. The Town population was supported by a variety of businesses and industries including: agriculture, particularly orchards and row crops, general and specialty retail, a forge, a gristmill, a sawmill and a cannery (Scharf, 1888). A second railroad, the Maryland, Delaware and Virginia short line, ran east-west through town in the 1910′s. Although diversified, the Town of Greenwood has remained a small town. Population figures for the Town include: 1887 – 250 persons, 1910 – 362 persons and 1920 – 500 persons. In 1928, a fire destroyed a number of commercial buildings within the Town and provided the impetus to construct a water system with elevated water storage for fire protection.

Historic Railroad Station